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Venge io

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About Venge io


Venge io is now the most popular online shooting game. Each game presents players with fresh challenges as they face opponents with varying styles and techniques. You have no way of knowing what your opponent will do next.
To win, you either have the ability and judgment to be a great fighter, or you must train to become one.

Weapons: Choose from four base weapons to begin a game with Lilium or Shin. Here's what's currently in the arsenal:

  • Scar – good for mid-range and long-range fighting.
  • Shotgun — a close-range weapon with a fast rate of fire.
  • Sniper — a long-range weapon with a lot of power.
  • Tec-9 — rapid-fire SMG with a short/medium range.
  • Choose whatever weapon causes the greatest devastation and use it to get to the top of the community scoreboard.

Abilities: You may utilize each character's unique powers, known as cards, to your advantage against other players. To unlock cards and progress to higher tiers for more powerful actions, earn points by defeating adversaries and capturing the flag. Use them strategically to tame and eliminate tough opponents.

Besides Venge io, you can play Smash Karts - a popular Multiplayer Battle game.

How to play

  • Stand on the glowing areas to claim them; you will unlock better weapons by doing so.
  • Move - WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Shoot - LMB
  • Jump - Space
  • Melee Attack - E
  • Throw Grenade - F
  • Aim - Left Shift / RMB
  • Turn Cards - (Hold) B
  • Dance - H

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