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Traffic Jam 3D

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About Traffic Jam 3D

In Traffic Jam 3D, put your foot down and move quickly! Safety comes first, but this time you may have as much fun as you want. Hold on to the steering wheel and drive at full throttle on these roads. Take care of yourself and go on your exciting voyage right now!

Join into a realistic simulation in Traffic Jam 3D 

For your enjoyment, here is a realistic vehicle simulation game. You will be in the driver's seat, making the most of the road you are travelling on. Keep an eye on the mirror to avoid crashing and going too quickly. You may even travel faster and quicker to increase your enjoyment of the experience. There are four game possibilities available here. There are four modes to select from career, infinite, time against, and free. Additionally, choose one of the highways, desert, or city choices. You may choose the time of day and whether the route is one-way or two-way. The rest is up to you and your driving abilities. Drive recklessly, alter lanes, and avoid colliding with other vehicles to reach your destination! We also offer another speed world in Burnin' Rubber 5 XS

Choose one of four modes in the Traffic Jam 3D game 

The game has four modes to play. They are career, infinite. time against and free modes. In career mode, you need to achieve some missions such as making 5000 points in 75 seconds, reaching a checkpoint in time, etc. In infinite and free, you can drive freestyle and choose the track, weather, etc.  Finally, you will race with time in time against mode. You will have some certain time to move as long as possible. 

In the garage, you can open new cars with cash. You also can see the car statistic. The more powerful engine car equipped, the more expensive it costs. Different from this game, 2 Player Police Racing only has two main modes which are single-player and 2-players. You can try this game and have fun with your friend. 

Game controls

Use the ASWD or arrow keys to control your vehicle

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