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About Stabfish.Io

You are boring and lonely. You want to find a game to relax, but you don't want to play alone. will clear your mind and brings many new friends to you. If you played Little Big Snake, you will be familiar with the rules of Control your creature and destroy the other player. This game attracts many players over the world. From that, you can make friends with a lot of people over the world. 

Play as a sea creature in

You assume the role of a ferocious sea creature in the free io game Hunt your fair share of prey while evading the blade of another player's stabber in a fish-filled multiplayer arena with lethal tusks. You can take control of the sea by gathering fish like trophies and devouring food for energy.

Get energy and kill other fish in

Eat to boost your rating and earn perks. You may get rid of other fish by attacking from the sides and the back. With each kill, your tusk lengthens. Long enough tusks allow you to make more audacious attacks. As you stab more fish, your score will rise. Each fish body will be placed on your skewer as a reminder of your deadly wrath. offers a number of fish improvements. You may unlock new aquatic species like killer whales and hammerhead sharks by reaching certain milestones. Players receive in-game advantages from these acquired skins, such as higher kill bonuses. Each player starts with a straightforward tusk. If your tusk has reached level 4, you can transform it into a trident. The same logic still applies when using a chainsaw and excellent blade.

Why should play

  • Aggressive game of stabbing or being stabbed.
  • Bonuses at random to your benefit
  • To raise your score and fill up your boost meter, kill foes and consume food.
  • To improve your fish and weaponry, unlock achievements.
  • This multiplayer game won't let you feel alone. Sometimes, you may be a little bit annoying. Our web also has another multiplayer game in case you are bored with fish. It is Smash Karts. Play that game and you will be king of speed.

The leaderboard in

In this game, there is a leaderboard on the main menu. It shows the top players in the world. When playing this game, you can also see that match's leaderboard. Can you get your name on the top of the leaderboard? It may be a difficult thing but just try. 

Customize your fish in

On the main menu, you can see many options for you in fish, weapons, masks, and hats. However, they aren't available. Almost options need to be unlocked. For example, you only can use great white fish when scoring 3000 points with Shark in one game. Of course, the different fish will have different power. The more expensive fish is, the more powerful it is. 

How to control

  • Move your mouse to control the movement.
  • Press the left mouse button to boost the speed.

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