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Let's make some snowballs and defeat your enemies with them in With multiplayer gameplay as in Smash Karts, Snowfight io will don't let you alone. 

Throw snowball and defeat opponents in

The multiplayer online battle arena game features a giant snowball fight! Construct massive fortifications, work together with your allies, and conquer your foes.

Throwing snowballs at other players is enjoyable in the multiplayer arena IO game You gather snow in this epic snow war and defeat other players while avoiding the platforms made of melting ice. The contest is decided by who is left standing. Only a skillfull player can be the last survivor? How about you? Can you complete it?

Play with simple keys

You can walk about in the snow fight game by using the WASD buttons on your keyboard, and you can toss snowballs by using your left mouse button. You have the ability to hurl an enormous snowball if you click and hold the left mouse button. OR, if you keep holding it down for a very long time, you'll be able to lay a snow block and start constructing a castle for yourself!

It is imperative that you stay away from the bears at all costs. They are very hazardous, and it will only take a few strikes for them to render you helpless. Make an effort not to go too near to it. There is another game which has a snow theme. It is Snow Ride 3D where you can immerse yourself in white snow. 

Characteristics in

  • Earn XP and unlock new skins
  • Play in tournaments and quick-play mode
  • Fun, fast, and addictive gameplay

Simple controls 

Hold the left mouse button to move and make a snowball, release to shoot.

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