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Earn To Die

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About Earn To Die


Are you prepared to drive for the rest of your life? Earn to Die is the first book in the Earn to Die series. The objective is to travel as far as possible. Upgrade your cars and drive through the zombie apocalypse while completing objectives!

You're stranded in a desert full with zombies. Your objective will become obvious quickly with only a moving automobile and a limited amount of cash at your disposal: drive through swarms of zombies to avoid danger and return alive! n a zombie apocalypse, monetize a completely new and enhanced game that has you traveling throughout the country. You can comfortably operate eight different sorts of vehicles, including race cars, lorries, and so on...It's not enough to unlock one automobile; personalize each one with a variety of improvements. Drive your way through the apocalypse of zombies! Earn to Die lets you to earn money to upgrade, unlock, and personalize new cars in addition to driving through hordes of zombies. Is your car insufficiently powerful? Why not add a pistol, booster, or a spiked frame to the mix?

Feature :

  • Brand new and expanded STORY MODE that sees you driving across the country on the day of the zombie apocalypse
  • 8 VEHICLES at your disposal, including race cars, trucks, and even school buses!
  • UPGRADE GALORE! Just unlocking one car isn't enough, customize each car with a bunch of upgrades
  • ZOMBIES Lots of zombies... Remember to introduce them to your car's bumper
  •  A realistic ragdoll physics engine that lets you crash into zombies and make them fly!
  • Amazing animation sequence
  • Race for the best time in Champion Mode
  • Survive the zombie apocalypse? Smash pumpkins in Halloween Mode.

In addition, you can play Smash Karts - a popular Multiplayer Battle game.


How to play

  • Upper Cursor Key for acceleration(annotated in red ink as seen in below annotation)
  • Left/Right Cursor Keys for Flip/Turn(annotated in turquoise ink as seen in below annotation)
  • X/Ctrl for Boost(if purchased)(annotated in green ink as seen in below annotation)
  • The rest such as upgrading vehicles, unpausing/muting/unmuting the game is controlled by mouse.

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