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Vex 5

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About Vex 5

Vex is a video game franchise that you've undoubtedly heard of. You're probably familiar with the famous Stickman, who had tremendous dexterity and quickness. Stickman is constantly on the quest for new experiences and cannot manage to remain still for lengthy periods. He regularly ventures out into the streets and participates in thrilling adventures. Completes all of the game's tasks and overcomes all of the obstacles!

The fifth version of Vex game comebacks

Stickman is back in Vex 5 and is as cute as ever. Vex 5 is the fifth game in the Vex series, and it has more colourful visuals and more exciting objectives. Of course, this instalment will offer more challenges to players. Is it something you're looking forward to? Let's get started and go on some new and exciting experiences.

What things you can experience when playing Vex 5

  • The game has 2D graphics in vibrant colours which can impress you on the first play. 
  • There are several levels to finish. Therefore, your skills also are improved step by step. 
  • Level design is difficult to master, so you won't be too bored. 
  • Controls that are easy to use. Everyone can play this game. 
  • There is a variety of trophies that can be earned.
  • Gameplay that is both entertaining and fast-paced
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Jump, slide or even fly over obstacles in Vex 5

In Vex 5, Stickman must accelerate, leap from roof to roof, scale walls, evade all traps, and get more points. There are several levels to master. The game becomes tougher as you progress through the stages. As a result, to beat them all, you'll require amazing powers! Remember to check the checkpoints along your way. If your character dies, you can replay at the last checkpoints. On your adventure, you can use some support items you find along the way such as a kite, bike, etc. They may help you much to reach the destination. 

Watch out for some special objects in Vex 5

  • Some purple blocks are very weak. With one touch, they can fall immediately. 
  • Orange blocks can bounce you really high. Utilize them to reach the high place.
  • Moreover, you can use the wooden blocks as the stairs to jump higher
  • Avoid all red objects such as blades, spikes, etc. They can kill your character immediately

The more you try, the more experience you get

With hard levels that put your talents to the test, Vex 5 is a game worth beating. You could have a few unlucky deaths before you master this game. To finish any assignment, you'll need time. Please, please, please don't give up. You have a chance to win a lot of great prizes, and you can be a champion.

How to control

Use your mouse to look around the level. Use the WASD or the arrow keys to move.

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