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Time Shooter 2

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About Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2 is a new 8-bit top-down shooter. It's a strategic, action, shooting, and wrecking single-player game. It requires great skills, only pro players can pass the level. Are you one of them?

Own a time power in Time Shooter 2 

Super game challenges all players in the world. Time Shooter 2 will give you absolute power which is to control time. Time passes quickly or slowly depending on your activity.

You will experience the power to manipulate time in Time Shooter 2. In this game, you are the only one who can control time, and nobody can challenge you. You can take down anyone if you just plan your movements and shoot accurately! Furthermore, you can play another exciting game which is Smash Karts. You won’t own any power in that game. However, you will have a chance to battle with many players in the world. 

Some outstanding features in Time Shooter 2

  • The game has unique graphics from the background to the characters. You will rarely see this graphic in the other shooting game. 
  • As in Venge io, you can use a variety of weapons to destroy enemies. 
  • The game has many levels which will increase their difficulty gradually
  • The game is more challenging when you have no teammates. Therefore, there is no support for you. 

Utilize the power to kill enemies in Time Shooter 2

Only when you move does time change. Take a look around, make a strategy, and only after you start moving do you rewind time. With a single shot from a handgun, destroy opponents. To shoot powerful fire, use an assault rifle. Conquer several foes with a single shotgun blast. Take the enemy's weapons right off their hands. Hurl things and weapons at adversaries and set gas cylinders on fire. Kill all adversaries without getting hurt!

Move and make some clever strategies

Time Shooter 2 will show you a whole new universe and is an awesome 3D action game. You will be more inspired to fight your enemies in this stark white world where everything seems like it came from a sketchbook. Time only moves when you move, which is your most significant power in this situation. That implies that unless you move, everything happens slowly. Everyone will be moving at their usual speed as you go using the WASD keys. After your rounds have been fired, you can toss the weapons at your opponents and assault them with them. Simply plan your movements carefully, keep a close watch on your competitors, and eliminate them all!

Dodge slow-motion shots

The enemies can attack you back with guns or swords, exes in Time Shooter 2. Of course, the speed of the attack can be slow or quick which is up to you. But don't be so subjective, your enemy can attack from many sides. So, watch carefully and choose a safe place to fire. 

How to control

  • Use the left mouse button to pick up or shoot
  • Right mouse button to throw
  • WASD - Movement

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