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Kart Fight io

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About Kart Fight io

Do you love cats? Kart has many cats. However, these won't be cute as the cats in real life. You will drive your cat's car and push the other cats out of the playground. Of course, the other will attack you back. This multiplayer game is as same as Many other players will join in a match. You will battle together. Who will be the final survivor? Only skilful players can finish this mission. How about you? Can you do it?

A unique experience in Kart

Take control of a feline avatar in Kart and compete against other players in online multiplayer action. These cats are ferocious, and none of them appears to be giving up quickly. Are you ready to show yourself that you're the greatest by defeating all of your opponents?

The medal you get in Kart Fight io

You will gain some medals when coming to the game. The most valuable medal is a gold medal. You have to start with the bronze medal. After you finish a match, you will receive some experience points. When you have enough of these points, your medal will level up. The higher rank you get in a match, the more experience points you get. Try your best to get first place and kick out all other players. 

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Knock out all other cats in Kart

In this game, the competition is fierce, so you'd best be ready. The main goal is to be the final person standing on the platform at the end of each game. This can be accomplished by pushing people down the cliff. You can play the game with your mouse, so start it by clicking the play button on the main menu. After the countdown has finished, move your cursor around by pressing and holding the left mouse button on the screen. While playing, keep in mind that others are equally eager to win. When you strike another player, you will both bounce back. You should be careful of your surroundings, as falling off the cliff would result in the game being lost. You will increase in size and strength with each participant you bring onto the platform. Coins are awarded for winning games. These may be used to unlock various character skins. Have a pleasant time and good luck. 

Change the character and car in Kart

There are 24 characters and different vehicles in this game. You only unlock them when getting certain achievements such as winning 25 games. win 75 games, bump off 25 players, etc. The more impressive cats are, the more difficult achievement you have to finish. The game doesn't only provide cars, but it also offers some unique vehicles such as UFOs, ice skis, skateboards, etc. When you unlock the character, you can open the vehicle associated with it. 

How to control

Drag the left mouse button to move.

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