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Little Big Snake

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About Little Big Snake

Colorful snakes are coming on our website. Little Big Snake is an excellent way to entertain after a long day. Your mission is to control a snake to collect pistils along the way. There are many other players who also turn into snakes and compete with you. They can attack you. Of course, you can hit them back. The weakest part of a snake is its head. If your snake head collides with the opponent's body, it will die. 

You face many dangerous snakes in Little Big Snake

Prepare to enter a hazardous world packed with ravenous snakes in Little Big Snake. This game, being one of the greatest examples of the genre, offers a slew of features that take pleasure to new heights. Start playing now if you're ready to compete against other players in an online multiplayer arena. Besides Little Big Snake, our web also has many multiplayer games such as Smash Karts. You have to drive a cute car and shoot opponents in that game. 

Be a king of the snake world in Litlle Big Snake 

Your stomach grumbles, and you're starving for a satisfying dinner. The goal of this game is similar to those of other comparable games in the genre such as Paper io 2. You control a snake and must consume orbs or other players in order to grow to the largest snake in the game. Even though the race to the top of the scoreboard is intense, the game's controls are straightforward. All you need is your mouse to begin the game, so click the play button on the main menu. After that, give yourself a name. To alter the direction of your snake, move your mouse around the screen. Click and hold the left mouse button to travel faster. This consumes your energy, and as a result, your snake will begin to shrink. Eat bugs or light orbs to grow. You'll win coins while you play. From the evolution screen, you may utilize them to improve your stats. Can you become the game's largest snake? 

Some notes to be the longest snake in Little Big Snake

  • Protect your snake head. It can be the target of attack at any time
  • The big snake always moves very slowly. You can utilise this disadvantage to kill these snakes
  • Collect some useful items from the other snakes or bugs when they lay down
  • Many exciting features are waiting for you in this game 
  • You should play in full-screen mode to have a better experience. 

Features of Little Big Snake

  • The game has colourful 2D graphics. 
  • Competitive online multiplayer gameplay
  • There are 10 different stats to upgrade
  • Dozens of varying character skins to unlock. You may see many impressive skins when playing this game. 
  • Simple controls are suitable for even children. Playing the game help children improve their reactions. 
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay. You can play the game for hours. 
  • This game has 19 different achievements to earn

How to control 

You can use your mouse to play this game

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