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Shootup io

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About Shootup io


Shootup io is a game of zombie shooting. You've ended up trapped in a strange town. It's bad luck that it's infected by zombies. You have just one option... SHOOT EM ALL!  


You must defeat the waves of zombies following you. The more zombies you kill, the larger and more powerful they will get. Make the proper upgrade choices to keep them guessing!


Boss zombies can occasionally be found in the zombie waves. They are afraid of spikes and will not allow you to use all of your ammunition on them. These creatures can be defeated with a basic pistol and a little patience.


You may form a team with your friends by sharing the link on the "Team with your friends" button. You can't injure them that way.


  • If you approach too near to them, they will attack you.
  • If you fire or get into a car, zombies will hear you and pursue you.
  • Items may be found on the ground or by demolishing homes.
  • You can unlock an upgrade or a new structure for every 100 zombies you kill.
  • Remember to drift if your car becomes stuck (Shift)
  • Check to see whether you have enough oil to drive an automobile.
  • Zombies will stop following you if you don't fire for a given amount of time.

How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to interact
  • Shift to run or drift in the car
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button or B to place walls
  • Number buttons to switch weapons

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