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Space Buggy

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About Space Buggy

Enjoy Space Buggy with a space theme

Space travel is becoming increasingly popular, attracting more children to play games set in space in which they can visit and explore new planets, as you can do right now with the game Space Buggy, in which you drive the best kind of car for visiting a new planet, buggies, and this one is fast, looks cool, and the planet you visit will be really interesting to drive around!


You can play Space Buggy on the web browser. It means devices such as computers, mobiles, and tablets can access this game. Therefore, what are you waiting got, let's enjoy this game!

How to play Space Buggy

You'll have tracks in space that you must drive on and reach the finish line at the end of, while avoiding overturning your buggy because gravity is different in space than it is on Earth, so every time you drive fast through the bumps and ramps on the track, you'll usually flip around, and landing upside down means you'll lose the level.

Try to reach and cross the finish line before the time granted for that runs out on you, and you should also focus on grabbing fuel tanks when you see them on the tracks, even if you have to drive back to get them. It's that simple, so we invite you to start playing right now, give this driving game your best, and hope you stick around and keep playing our awesome games of the day! Wanna a more exciting feeling, let's try Laserz io. You will control a spaceship and shoot enemies at the same time.

How to control

You can use arrow keys to play this game.

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