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Laserz io

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About Laserz io

Description is an iogame that is available for free. is an online multiplayer space shooter game that takes you to the pinnacle of gaming. You take on the role of a space fighter pilot and must battle for your team's survival. However, be aware that other gamers will attempt to shoot you! You may play a variety of game settings in FFA or in private matches with your friends. Simply provide them the URL to your match and you'll have a fantastic squad.

Every ship has a strong laser that may be used to shoot other players and AIs, such as patrols that guard stations. By shooting powerups that appear all across space, you may upgrade your weapon.


  • Missiles - You will get a number of space missiles that, once discovered, will automatically follow a target. Your own squad will never be attacked by them.

  • Shield - Your own shield will regenerate from damage, and you'll also obtain a second shield to defend you from lasers and missiles. Your spaceship's defense is doubled with this extra shield.

  • Boost - Your speedup capacity will be increased until your spacecraft is damaged again. It may be used to get out of tough dogfights or to keep track of other players.

  • Space Bomb - The space bomb is the most powerful weapon you can employ. Every ship belonging to other teams within the bomb's range will be damaged, if not destroyed. It will detonate within seconds after being dropped. If you ever see its big green explosion, get out of there as soon as possible!

  • Taser – You're following a group of other players, but they're moving too fast for you to aim at? Simply use the taser in front of you! It will fire massive lightning bolts forward, capable of hitting numerous ships at once. However, get as near to them as possible because the taser isn't a long-range weapon.

  • Deflector Shield — Use the red deflector shield if you're being followed, if you're in a dogfight, or if a missile is approaching you. It will shield your back from everything that is approaching you for a few seconds. However, be warned that other players may utilize this technology to defend themselves!

How to play

  • W/A/S/D – Control your ship
  • Mouse Left – Shoot Laser
  • Mouse Right – Shoot secondary weapon (from powerups)
  • Scroll – Change weapon (or use number keys)
  • Press Scroll – Look around (great for dog fights)
  • Shift – Slow down
  • Space – Boost (only for a few seconds, use powerups to get bigger booster)
  • Enter – Chat

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