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Paintball Racers

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About Paintball Racers

Because the kitchen is closed today, you'd better find somewhere else to dine. Jump into your tiny vehicle in Paintball Racers and race against other cars in a crowded kitchen to win. Evade the many hazards that may be found on a kitchen counter, such as forks, spoons, and knives, and shoot your opponents if they dare to outrun you! Collect power-ups, boost your turbo, and suffocate your opponents in exhaust smoke as you race to the finish line in Paintball Racers.

Paintball Racers gameplay

The kitchen is warming up, but it's not due to the stove! Not all races follow the same set of rules! Some are more relaxed, allowing you to be more resourceful. Paintball Racers operates just like that!

The race gets much more thrilling when you have a formidable weapon on the hood of your automobile. Your goal as a player is to finish each race in the first position across all 20 levels in the game. Your automobile, in addition to the weapon, includes a turbo boost that you may employ if you fall behind due to a misplaced fork or plate along the way. You may engage your turbo by pressing the Z key but bear in mind that your turbo meter isn't limitless, and you'll need to refill it after each usage. 

Use your weapons in Paintball Racers

Your turbo meter will replenish after each stunt, such as leaping off a ramp or executing a wheelie. If you use it wisely, you'll be able to outrun every other racer! Do you require greater power? You may utilize four different boosters, which you can purchase with the money you earn in each stage, to get an advantage in this tense race. It's time to take out someone! Use your weapon to dispatch the obnoxious racer who has followed you for some time. You may collect four distinct bullet kinds in Paintball Racers, each with a unique impact! Put your helmet on and prove to the other racers that you are the only one who has won this race! Slope Ball is always here in case you are bored with this game.

How to control

  • Move : AWSD keys or arrow keys
  • Turbo : Z key
  • Jump : X key
  • Paintball : Space bar.

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