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Slope Ball

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About Slope Ball

Running game is your favourite game. You are too familiar with Smash Karts game which is a multiplayer game. Now, our web brings to you a new game. It is Slope Ball. Your task is to control a ball to overcome tons of deadly obstacles along the road. The traps and barriers will appear non-stop. You need to react as quickly as possible. With one wrong mistake, you lose the game. 

Slope Ball gameplay

In this arcade game, your avatar will take on many shapes with distinct attributes, such as a cube, ball, or UFO. Use the left mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow key to fly or jump. You must use one touch to move your character over the hurdles. The goal is to pass through each portal. The track's obstacles are just walls and traps. But winning is never easy. You lose when they touch you. The race will resume at the next checkpoint you cross. One more thing, you can select one of three modes in Slope Ball. They are Truth, Dark Trip and Xpart. Each mode will give you a different experience. Don't forget to gather all three stars on the track.

Overcome all obstacles with a magical ball 

When you have all three stars, you have triumphed magnificently. While playing Slope Ball, you will assume the role of a ball in various shapes. The story's most hilarious aspect is that being a ball requires brains, quick thinking, and swift action. The spherical ball constantly fuels the urge to explore new areas. 

What happens in Slope Ball

While journeying, the ball gets engaged in the rescue of new nations. This version includes up to 5 massive areas of the world that you must rescue. A mascot governs each nation in it. They are cursed, though. They mutated into ferocious animals never seen before. T-Rex, Titanoboa, Quetzalcoatlus, Megatherium, and Megalodon have evolved into new forms. It occurred as a result of a stranger stealing five polygon bricks and hiding them somewhere. It is your obligation to win races so that you may get essential items. Those are the magical polygons. They act as a mystical counterpoint to the planet's five mascots. There is no better method to aid them in restoring their natural tendencies. They will once again safely defend the world's territories. The calm environment will return here.

 Overcome the obstacles to emerge as the true rescuer of the world!

  • Save the new nations with some hints in Slope Ball 
  • The ball speed will be faster and faster. So, your reaction also needs to be more quickly.
  • Each trap is designed with a different mechanism. They will surprise players. They can appear above and below your character.
  • When you have to jump on the poles, click repeatedly to pass them
  • You may see running games with simple graphics. However, it isn't true with Slope Ball. This game is created with a 3D neon style. The characters are very vivid with a lot of emotions. 

How to control 

Click the mouse left button or press the spacebar/ the up arrow key to jump.

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