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Gulper io

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About Gulper io is a fantastic multiplayer snake game based on the popular game. You must control a small luminous worm and attempt to grow larger in order to destroy the other worms in the playing area.

Attack other worms in

A better time killer was released. Gulper io brings many surprises for you. Enter the fight of many colourful worms. Try your best to collect as many luminous dots as possible. Protect your head from opponents' attacks. Your worm will be destroyed if its head hits the other's bodies. Of course, you can use this way to attack others. 

Find out the mechanics of

It isn't a shooting battle as in, the game is a war of the worms. If you have ever played Little Big Snake, you will know the rules of this game. Gulping the luminous dots strewn across the map will allow you to expand in size. You must move fast and keep an eye out for oncoming attackers who may attempt to catch you off guard. Trap your opponents and make them slither inside your own body to destroy them. Is it possible for you to become the world's largest glow worm? When the size grows, the worm speed also is slower. You can click the left mouse to speed up. When an opponent dies, it will release many luminous dots. You can quickly collect all of them to grow your worm size.

Some attractive things about Gulper io

  • The unique characters are glowing worms
  • Cool animations
  • Smooth movement and gameplay
  • A minimap to see the location of the most giant worm
  • Changeable worm colour

How to control

Press the left mouse button to boost the speed at the cost of your size.

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