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Formula Fever

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About Formula Fever

This isn't a shooting such as, but it still gives many thrills to players. You will become a pro racer and you will own a Formula One vehicle. You may see this vehicle on TV. Now, it will be yours. Drive it and overcome all other racers. 

Never press the brakes when racing in Formula Fever

In Fever, every Formula One vehicle is always accelerating. In Montenry, you'll start off as Red Puledro. During each lap, collect coins to unlock new cars and circuits. Earn enough riches in Waycoco to drive Mad Buffalo! The opponents are right behind you, you only need to hit the barrier one time, and the other cars can pass you at any time. Therefore, try your best to avoid getting out of the race. 

When racing, you can hit the other cars to slow their speed. Your vehicle moves automatically, so your mission is just to navigate its direction. Does it sound easy? The answer is no. The road has many bends which really challenge your drifting skills. Try your best to final give laps first. The more rank you get in the race, the more coins you receive.

Tracks and vehicles in Formula Fever

Many tracks are locked and you need coins to experience them. Each track has different background and race. Moreover, many cool vehicles also can be unlocked with coins. The more powerful vehicles will cost more coins. Therefore, you should try your best to earn as many coins as possible. How many tracks and coins can you buy? Hope you can buy all of them. That will be very cool.

How to control: You can use arrow keys to play this game.

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