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Krunker (.io) is a pixelated first-person shooter game with fast-paced gameplay. Gamers enter a pixelated terrain to battle other players from all around the world in this game. This game may be played for fun or to compete with other Krunker lovers. Besides this game, you also can experience a 1v1 LOL game. It has the same rules as 

Move cleverly and fire correctly in this shooting game is a frantic action game. Reaction time and aim are your most valuable assets, much as in classic FPS games like Counter-Strike. Move swiftly to avoid hostile fire and shoot accurately to eliminate your adversary. You may either get right into a game for rapid action or select unique game types from the server menu.

Game tips to clear all enemies in

  • Try out various guns and refine your selection to the ones you play best with.
  • Look around and sweep areas frequently to assess for enemy presence.
  • Practice! That's the only way to develop pro FPS gamer skills.
  • You can join a specific Krunker game by clicking join and entering the game's URL or code.

Find more information about

In the social area, which contains leaderboards and other information, users may keep track of their progress. See whether your FPS gaming abilities can help you climb the scoreboard today. 

Select Classes 

Choose from 11 distinct classes before battling, including investigator, rocketeer, agent, runner, Bowman, and hunter. Each class has its own look and attire. In addition, each kind has its own primary and secondary weapons. For example, the triggerman is armed with an assault rifle and a handgun. Choose a class that best matches your style of play, or master them all. 

Weapons in

This game features a variety of great weaponry in addition to the numerous class kinds. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and even akimbo uzis are among the lethal weapons available. Weapons can be evenly balanced or have a dominating strength. The sniper rifle, for example, has a sight and a lot of ammunition for swiftly dispatching foes, but it requires accurate aim to be effective. You also select many powerful weapons in the Smash Karts game. 

Maps offers a large number of maps, both produced by the game's developers and by enthusiasts. Users may submit their own map designs, resulting in hundreds of maps to pick from. The map designs are quite creative. You may choose from volcanic lava landscapes to ancient Aztec pyramids to play on.

Feature of the game

  • The game has 11 different classes to suit your playing style
  • Simple, clear aesthetics for clean visibility
  • Keeps to the roots of original FPS gaming
  • Hundreds of custom servers and maps for you to select
  • Fast-paced action with a focus on skill 

How to control 

Use the WASD keys to move

Left click to shoot

Press the R to reload

Press the C key to aim/zoom

Use the space bar to jump

Shift to crouch

Press the F key to spray paint

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