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Desktop Racing 2

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About Desktop Racing 2

Prepare for a one-of-a-kind automobile race with Desktop Racing 2! In comparison to other races, this one is entirely about toy cars! It is not necessary to be an expert to drive a toy vehicle and win this race. With many jobs and automobile-boosting choices, you'll enjoy this game even if it takes place at your workplace desk! Now, prepare your fingers and enjoy the game!

Race your toy cars and earn money along the way in this fantastic car game. Before you begin, go through your "To-Do List." You earn extra stars and points if you accomplish all of the things on the list. You may do incredible stunts to gain boosters. The racing levels are the fourth and multiples of the fourth levels. Drive the car over the rails while sitting on a cluttered office desk. When you collide with the other things on the desk, your automobile begins to crumble. It can improve your car's health, turbo, wheels, and jumps. To move, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, and to leap, use the "space" key. As you go through the game and collect coins, you will be able to purchase a powerful new automobile. Good luck and have a good time! You also have some exciting races in Two Punk Racing 2.

Release date 

Jun 26, 2019

Feature in Desktop Racing 2

  • 2D colourful graphics
  • 4 different car options to enjoy
  • 7 trophies to win
  • 24 racing adventures to begin

How to control

Left and right arrows for balance control, up arrow to go forward. "X" key for turbo and "Space" key to jump.

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