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Two Punk Racing 2

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About Two Punk Racing 2

Two Punk Racing is back in another thrilling and exciting race. In Two Punk Racing 2, grab a friend and put the pedal to the metal! As you race over different locales, unlock new vehicles or modify your own. In this game, you will enjoy the thrilling feeling of driving at max speed. Of course, your car won't be equipped 

Make incredible stunts and win the race in Two Punk Racing 2 

There is a limit to each drive. The racing game Two Punk Racing 2 is set in the not-too-distant future. Take the wheel of your neon automobile and travel through the neon streets. Play alone or with a buddy to see who is the best driver. Choose from seven different vehicles, each with its own set of characteristics to fit your racing style. Begin with two vehicles in your garage and progress through completing stunts and winning races to unlock more. Upgrades may be purchased from the game's main menu. Purchase red, Green, and blue paint, or mix colours to create a fun-looking speed machine. Upgrade your engine for rapid starts, Steer Sensitivity for manoeuvring through curving courses, Brake Power for drifting and leaving the competitors in the dust, or Steer Sensitivity to outmanoeuvre your opponents. 

How to pass opponents in Two Punk Racing 2

Six insane levels in Two Punk Racing 2 put the relationship between man and car to the limit. Are your opponents catching up to you? Why not give the nitro a shot for an extra boost? Maintain your pace by stomping on the gas and clearing enormous gaps. Collect checkpoints to improve your time or to utilize as a jumping-off point if you get stuck. If you become stuck in one portion of the level, just click a button to get out of it. Living a quarter mile at a time has taken on a new meaning.

Two modes in Two Punk Racing 2 

The game provides two available modes which are race and free drive mode. You can enjoy a thrilling race as in Smash Karts. You can drive freestyle in free drive mode. There is no limited time or required mission in this mode. Moreover, each mode includes 2 sub-modes. They are 1-player and 2-player modes. You can select to play alone or invite your friend to race together. However, I think it is more fun if you can have a race with another player. 


What is the fastest car in Two Punk Racing 2?

It is Lamborghini Aventador.

How to save game data?

The process is saved in the browser cache, so you can continue your race in the next play. Make sure you don't delete the cache. 

Can I play Two Puck Racing 2 on my computer?

Yes, you can play this game on your computer. 

How to control

Player 1

Arrow keys to move

Mouse to nitro

Press the B to rear view

Player 2 

WASD keys to drive

Press Y key to nitro

Press C key to rear view 

Press R to restart the level

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