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Copter io

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About Copter io, often known as Copter Royale, is an online game in which you fly about in a helicopter and fight other players. You will drive a small helicopter in this game. Although the helicopter isn't large like the normal one, it is very powerful. You can your helicopter will take part in a sky battle. Are you ready to clear all enemies around you? Besides this game, you also enjoy another fight in Shootup io

How to power up in Copter io

To level up, and destroy enemy helicopters, drones, and tanks. Upgrade your talents to outperform your opponents. Add snipers, numerous cannons, fast-shooters, grenades, and more to your helicopter. Be the ruler of the arena by dominating your opponents!  

Shoot enemies and dodge bullets in Copter io

Aim the target correctly and fire. In the beginning, your helicopter is weak, so you should avoid strong enemies. Look at the bullet movements and avoid all of them. You can see a blood bar on each helicopter. When your helicopter is run out of blood, you should move away. Your enemies will not give in, so destroy them before you are destroyed. In case, you are bored with this game, Taken Defender always be here. 

More things about Copter io for you

  • The game offers available in fullscreen mode. It is better to play in this mode.
  • Many special abilities including grenades, bullet wipes, teleports, airstrikes, banana bombs, and laser beams.
  • You can change the controls in the menu.
  • There are 3 levels of graphics quality for you to select. Therefore, if your configured quality of the device is low, you can select low graphics. From that, you will have a better experience. 
  • You should register to save your progress on the serve. Then, you can continue your progress on any device. 

How to control 

  • WASD to move
  • Mouse or arrow keys to move
  • Mouse button or up arrow key to shoot
  • Right mouse button or E, as well as middle mouse button or X, for special abilities

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