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About CarS


CarS is a high-octane racing game in which you take control of three powerful supercars. These massive automobiles can be used in three separate game modes: singleplayer, two-player, and time trial. Singleplayer allows you to drive your preferred vehicle around the large 3D city at your leisure. You and a friend can both drive a supercar and explore the city together in two-player mode, or you can race against each other.

Finally, in Time Trial mode, you are racing on a real track, and you must use your supercharged supercars to reach the checkpoints in the quickest time possible! This racing game has it all: stunning graphics, fast automobiles, intuitive controls, and engaging gameplay. Today is the day to buckle up and take control of your own supercar!

How to play

Single player controls

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • R to repair
  • Enter to reset car
  • F and V to use gear box

Player 1 controls in multiplayer mode

  • ESDF to drive
  • A and Z to use gear box
  • R to repair
  • Space bar to reset

Player 2 controls in multiplayer mode

  • Arrow keys to drive
  • Right Ctrl and
  • to use gear box
  • R to repair
  • Enter to reset

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