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Wheely 2

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About Wheely 2

The red car is back for a new adventure with challenges in Wheely 2. Your mission is to help Wheely solve different puzzles so he can go to his destination. This is the second version of the Wheely series. This game is different from Uphill Rush 10, you won't drive a car without stopping. You need to use your brain more to open and unlock the gates. The final target is to reach the destination. 

The love story of Wheely car in Wheely 2

In this version, Wheely 2 tells the next chapter in the life of the little red car. He will have to go on an adventure to travel over land, cross seas and even fly into the sky in search of love! Who says cars don't love? Wheely fell in love with a beautiful pink lady. However, as soon as he saw her in the showroom, she was loaded onto a truck and taken away. You need to help Wheely chase the truck and reunite the lovers! Can you help them?

Move to the destination in Wheely 2

Just like the other games in the series, your goal is to clear the way for Wheely on each level and help him get to the end without getting stuck or killed. There are many solid gates that prevent him from reaching the finish line. To complete the goal, you need to pull the lever, rotate the gears, and press the buttons! Use the left mouse button to activate the mechanics and figure out how things work. 

Challenging levels in Wheely 2

In the game, there are 16 different levels with different puzzles. Let’s solve them to make way for Wheely. The first few levels are pretty easy and there are hints to help you along the way. Then you must use critical thinking and problem solving to get Wheely where he needs to be. Remember that Wheely depends on you! If you think that you are too lonely when playing this game, let’s play Smash Karts. In that game, you can compete with other players. Then, of course, you won’t be alone. 

Release date and developer

Wheely 2 is developed by Pegas Games and it also has other versions. This second version is released in September 2013 and it has got much love from many players all over the world.

The reasons to play Wheely 2 

  • This game is unique game which descripe an interesting love story adventure. The red car can do everything and overcome every hurdles to save his love. 
  • Level up with difficulty up that will really challenge your brain. It is also suitable for children to exercise their brains. 
  • The game has impressive graphics. You can see the cute characters when coming to this game. 
  • The game is designed with HTML5 technology, so you can play the game in web browser. It means it is playable on desktop and mobile. 
  • Full screen mode is available. Try it to have better experience. 

How to control

Use the left mouse to play the game.

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