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Building Rush

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About Building Rush

The fast-speed game such as Drift Hunters makes you dizzy. You want to enjoy a game with peaceful gameplay like Wizard School. Let's try Building Rush. You will invest tons of money to construct many companies. Of course, you will get profit from these companies. Let’s become an intelligent businessmen. 

Play the Building Rush game 

In the entertaining business management game Building Rush, you are in charge of a bustling supply firm. You must respond quickly and effectively to numerous order requests from other businesses. You need to keep track of your shipping fleet and make sure you have enough trucks to meet consumer demand. Before moving on to the next level of each level, you must reach a particular profit level. There are a total of 20 levels to complete, and you can purchase numerous improvements to enhance your company. Can you build the best shipping company and a delivery empire?

A brand-new town is being built, which is the ideal chance to make money! Construct factories to generate and market the building materials. Upgrade points are obtained through receiving medals and achievements. Spend them in order to become more productive. Play through levels again to get a better score and extra upgrade points.

More about Building Rush 

  • Players only need to point and click controls 
  • The game has 20 levels to play
  • Buyable upgrades to increase the effectiveness
  • Tutorial to help you get started with the game

How to control

  • Use numbers to quickly select plants: Press 1 to select the first plant Press 2 to select the second plant and so on.
  • For big maps: Selecting the same plant will move centre the camera on that plant WASD or Arrows – move cameras.
  • You can click and hold the mouse to drag the map.

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