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Wizard School

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About Wizard School

Welcome to the magical land in Wizard School

A fun little idle clicker game called Wizard School was created as a result of the well-known fantasy book series. The game offers a fresh new wizarding world experience. Today, some kids are born with paranormal skills. Additionally, there is a particular institution dedicated to training pupils in the use of magic and wands. Make an outstanding school on your own, or join us in making and managing one! A magical school isn't enough for you, let's construct a kingdom in Mergest Kingdom

Develop a wizard school for special students

You're going to construct a wizard academy where anybody may enlist to learn magic. It is your responsibility as a school tycoon to create a range of magic classes, improve education, recruit more experienced wizards to educate students, refurbish the hostel, and more to draw more students to your school to study the holy arts. There are costs associated with enrolling in many classes to acquire different magic techniques. Your goal is to expand your learning centre and boost income from different programs such that it overtakes all other magic schools in the area. You'll unlock spells, potions, and more characters as you go, which will increase your revenue in Wizard School. Hope you have a great time with the game. 

What you can experience in Wizard School

  • The game is designed with many cute details from impressive characters to magical trees. 
  • Its theme is Harry Potter, a famous adventure novel series. 
  • Easy to play on your browser and does not have to download.
  • You have an entertaining time when playing this game 
  • With idle gameplay, children can play the game. They can plow games to make the magic school bigger and stronger.

Simple control 

Just use the mouse to play.

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