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Tank Wars

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About Tank Wars


Tank Wars is a classic arcade tank game. Gentlemen, we're in combat! Choose one of the four paths to fame, each of which is challenging in its own way, ranging from a peaceful business to a fretting mincing machine. To win, fight 120 polygons alone or with a buddy, or construct your own 990 battlegrounds. To achieve the main aim – victory – attack and destroy opposing armored vehicles. However, don't forget to defend your base during conflicts; its destruction will result in the failure of your entire operation. Along the journey, you'll come across some hazardous mini-bosses, and defeating them won't be easy. You will be awarded medals for your outstanding performance during the combat, and your achievements will not be forgotten. Because your opponents are well-armed, make advantage of both topography as concealment and protection, as well as battlefield benefits that can help you enhance weaponry, convert foes into wreckage, or transform water into ice for ferrying. Best of luck!

Feature :

  • Game from 1 to 2 players on one device;
  • 120 levels + constructor (from 10 to 990 levels);
  • 4 levels of difficulty with different behaviors of opponents;
  • Keep progress for each level of difficulty;
  • 5 enemies with unique characteristics;
  • 4 modifications to the player’s tank;
  • 10 classic game bonus;
  • Ability to mow trees or drown the tank;
  • Great graphics in high quality – Full HD. 

How to play

Single player game

  •  Move: Arrow keys & W,A,S,D
  •  Shoot: Spacebar

Two player game

Player 1:

  •  Move: W,A,S,D;
  •  Shoot: Spacebar;

Player 2:

  • Move: Arrow keys;
  • Shoot: Num 0.



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