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Sand Sort Puzzle

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About Sand Sort Puzzle

Let go of everything with Sand Sort Puzzle's peaceful gameplay! Your favourite puzzle game has returned with a fresh flavour. It's a sorting game with unique fun, but this time with a new theme to help you relax and enjoy the game even more! Are you excited to try out this new game?

Arrange the colourful sand correctly in Sand Sort Puzzle

You won't build a kingdom as in Mergest Kingdom. You will put the same colour sand into glass vases. Much sand with different colours is mixed together in many vases. Let's use your cleverness to put the sand into the correct vases. Of course, this mission will be accessible at the beginning. However, it will be harder when you proceed higher level. 

How to put the same colour sand in suitable vases 

Colorful sand mounds are the focus of a new sorting game we're playing. You'll be handed a vase of sand with various hues of sand already mixed in. Fill vases with a single colour as your goal. By first clicking on the vase, you want to pour sand from, you may then click on the vase you want to fill with sand. The order in which you click on the vases is important to keep in mind. Filling the vases with the correct and single hue in as few moves as feasible is a tactic that you can employ here. You'll also get coins for completing each level. For fun, you can use your coins to get additional vases and themes. You can now enjoy your relaxing sorting problem with a new wind!


How to save progress?

Your game data is saved on the browser cache. Make sure you don't delete the cache. 

Is Sand Sort Puzzle an endless game? 

No, it has a certain number of levels. 

Can I buy new vases in Sand Sort Puzzle?

Yes, you can buy them with coins. 

How to control

Click on the glasses to pour the same-coloured sand into different glasses.

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