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Parking Fury 3

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About Parking Fury 3


Do you find it difficult to find a perfect parking spot in the city? Do not worry! Parking Fury 3 has plenty of parking spaces left! Come and join the challenging car parking game for a silk driver like you with the third installment of the popular Parking Fury series. You have to maneuver your car through the parking lot to find the best parking spot for your car. Complete every mission in each level and claim the garage for yourself!

Better to be quick! Empty parking lots are a rare sight in a bustling city. Parking Fury 3 offers 10 different levels from easy to difficult, each level has a certain level of difficulty and your job is to pass the most difficult levels without getting a small scratch on your car. ? Your goal as a driver is to control each car by level and drive into the parking space without damaging the car. To control the car, use the arrow keys. Use the up and down arrow keys to go forward and backward. The left and right keys are used to rotate. We hope you are not afraid of the dark! Unlike previous games in the series, Parking Fury 3 takes place at night, presenting an additional challenge you must face. Your vehicle has its headlights on, but there are some minor obstacles that you can ignore. On each level, you can earn up to three stars. Pay attention to your path! If you crash into another car will make you lose star points. Try to reach the finish line safely and collect all the stars on each level and display them as your badge! 

Feature : 

  • 10 different levels
  • Nice graphics
  • Various vehicles to drive
  • Challenging missions

How to play

Use arrow keys to control your car and play this game

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