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Nonogram Jigsaw

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About Nonogram Jigsaw

The puzzle game Nonogram Jigsaw adds a brand-new element! Forget the puzzle rules you are accustomed to. If you want to achieve, you must learn how to solve a novel form of challenge. Let's see how well you do at solving riddles!

The rules in Nonogram Jigsaw

There are three different puzzle games available here. The biggest issue is the nanogram issue. Be advised that you must fully comprehend the instructions in order to finish the challenge in this one. The main idea is to fill up the blank spots by switching to the square or x sign mode from beneath the grid. Check the numbers in the corners to see how many boxes you need to fill. If there are multiple filled boxes, you should leave at least one gap between each number. The grid must be filled in the same order as the digits in the corner. When done, mark each of the blank boxes with an x. You may then assess how accurate your outcome was. You may complete jigsaw puzzles using the puzzle pieces you collect from your points earned outside of the main game. Also, have a look at the picture puzzles in a different section. By completing enough levels of the main issue, you can unlock them.

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Why you should play Nonogram Jigsaw

  • Multiple levels challenge your brain
  • Jigsaws and picture puzzles to complete besides the main game
  • Available gifts to receive
  • You will receive weekly quests

Easy control

  • Color squares to reveal a picture
  • Find the hidden picture using clues and numbers.
  • Top-to-bottom reading of column numbers
  • Left-to-right rows are read.

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