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Human Wheel

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About Human Wheel

An odd and highly enjoyable skill game is called Human Wheel. As you attempt to traverse gaps and scale enormous walls in each level, create wheels made of people. But be cautious! Every time you get over a hurdle, you'll lose folks. Can you assemble sufficient numbers of them to cross each finish line?

Human Wheel tutorial

Avoid obstructions and chasms because when your team members cross them or construct ladders for your wheel, you will instantly lose pieces of your "People Wheel." Gather the coins that are on the course as well. You may spend them to expand the size of your beginning group's membership or purchase an upgrade that raises the coin's worth. Do you want to play a running game like Human Wheel, Slope 3 is a good choice.

Notes to conquer Human Wheel

Consider carefully where you should move in order to complete. Without cracking a few eggs, an omelet is impossible to cook! Picking up folks for your Human Wheel standing on a barrier is frequently advantageous. For instance, you've done everything correctly if you lose two people while rolling up the barrier but gain four more at the summit.

Attractive things of Human Wheel

  • The graphics are impressive and bring players a thrilling feeling
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls
  • Upgradeable number of people and income

How to control

USE THE MOUSE to guide your human wheel through each obstacle course.

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