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Heli Battle

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About Heli Battle

Heli Battle is an action game where you have to control the helicopter to fight an opponent in the sky. Who wins 10 rounds first will be the final winner.

Defeat other helicopters in Heli Battle

In this game, your task is to defeat the opponent’s helicopter. How to be the winner? You should avoid the ammo of the opponent. Moreover, you also need to avoid colliding with the sky boundary and descending too low to the ground. When you fly in the sky, collect as much ammo as possible. Your helicopter will fire automatically when it has ammo. Keep your mind that the helicopter above wins when both helicopters collide. Don’t try to fly lower than your opponent. If you win 10 rounds first, you will be the final winner. 

Convenient to play Heli Battle

Although the graphics are simple, the game won’t let you down. You can play the game in your leisure time to relax and have fun. 

The game is created with HTML5 technology, so it is playable on desktop and mobile. There is another game that is designed with this technology. It is also an attractive shooting game. It is Time Shooter 2. Let's enjoy its competition. 

Some facts about Heli Battle

  • Defeat the opponent’s helicopter to win
  • Fun and exciting game
  • Win 10 rounds first to be the winner

Control the helicopter

Press the mouse to ascend and release it to descend.

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