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Prepare to show your opponents a clean pair of heels in! This event is a fantastic opportunity for you to shine as the city's quickest and finest racer! Get into your sportscar, crank up the engine, and buckle up. It's time to prove to the rest of the world that you're the quickest!

Gain the victory in

The throng has assembled and is anticipating the start of the race. In this game, your goal is to win every race you take part in. You'll be playing against actual people from all around the world in this game, which features online multiplayer gaming. Give yourself a name and press the play button to begin the game. At the starting line, everyone has taken their spot. Prepare yourself for the race will begin following the countdown. Control your automobile with the WASD keys. On the road, there will be yellow arrows. When you drive over them, they will temporarily increase your speed. But be careful! Accidents occurred, resulting in oil pools on the road. They will slow you down if you drive on them. You can view your current position and lap in the upper right corner of the screen. Three laps are required to complete the race. You may collide with other vehicles and cause them to smash into the obstacles! 

Features in

  • The game has colourful 3D graphics. We also suggest a fun game with the same graphics. It is Sunny Farm io. You may like this game.
  • Intuitive controls
  • Competitive and online multiplayer gameplay

How to control

WASD (speed up, brake, left, right) or arrow keys.

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