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Captain Snowball

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About Captain Snowball

Captain Snowball is a funny action game in which you have to aim accurately and throw snowballs at other opponents to eliminate them from the snowball fight.

The weather is too hot, let's make the air cooler with Captain Snowball. With the same theme as in, you can see snowy days in this game. On a snowy day, throwing snowballs is a great idea. Now, this idea inspires this online game. You are scared of cold weather, but you want to play with snow. You can’t ignore this game.

Take part in throwing snowball competition in Captain Snowball

Get ready to participate in the snowball fight in Captain Snowball. Choose your favourite character and server and start the fight right now. Your objective is to kill 50 players to win the level. Move around the snow yard to look for your opponents. Aim accurately and throw snowballs at them. Beware of sudden attacks from your opponents. You can respawn if you are killed. Try to kill as many people as possible to raise your name on the leaderboard. Remember to pay attention to your blood bar. You will die if you run out of blood. Don’t forget to collect power-ups like Medical Box and Power Box which assist you as the game progresses.

Some magnificent features of Captain Snowball

  • The game provides 2 servers (EU and Asia) for every player.
  • You may see leaderboard supports. Getting top 1 on this leaderboard will be the main motivation for many players.
  • Easy control with keys and the mouse. We also suggest a game with a snow theme and simple control as this game. It is Snow Ride 3D.
  • Bright 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects
  • Suitable for children, they can relax after a long day at school.

How to control

  • Press “WASD” or ‘ARROW KEYS” to move
  • Use the mouse to aim and throw.

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