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Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

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About Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

The official Burnin' Rubber 4 homage game is Burnin' Rubbber Crash n' Burn. You will experience a thrilling feeling when colliding with other cars in this game.

Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn brings new gameplay to players

Now, you have an opportunity to enjoy a very unique racing game. In some racing games, you must dodge all obstacles or vehicles on the road. It may be a difficult task for you. Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn will bring really new gameplay to you. You don't avoid anything on the road. Just drive ahead and crash all objects. The special thing is your mission is to collide with the given cars. As in Smash Karts, your car will be equipped with some weapons to destroy these cars. Just speed up and crash these vehicles. 

Destroy all things along the road in Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

The world's most explosive game is now accessible on mobile devices! Return to the city of Burnin' Rubber 4 for some serious unfinished business. Blast through the gridlock as if there's no tomorrow! This game is jam-packed with all of the series' trademark destructible goodies and fast-paced racing action. Get it now while it's still free!

'However, in today's chaotic world, one automobile CAN make a difference!'

Smash the world's coolest vehicles into anything you see. In the Safe House, you may customize your automobile to make it even stronger, faster, and more DANGEROUS! The flamethrower, laser, railgun, and, of course, the FUEL RPGS all make a triumphant comeback in BR5! You can see a mini-map on the left corner of the screen to know your location and target cars. Fire as soon as you see them. 

Explore some impressive features in Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

  • Blast your way through a huge city at 100 MPH!
  • New vehicles and some old-time favourites (GT BLAZE!)
  • Demon and toxic style pimps for your ride.
  • Use new gadgets like the boost, jump, and car bomb.
  • Pound and bash into the traffic!
  • Collect hidden packages, rampages, bonuses, and trophies!
  • Use flame bursts and nuclear detonators to blow everything away.
  • Become the ultimate racing mercenary!

Extra vehicles are available in Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

There are 6 vehicles with different appearances and features for you. However, some vehicles need to be unlocked by passing certain levels. 

  • Boss pack: Wreak havoc with these monster cars!
  • Military pack: No one is safe with these sturdy army vehicles!
  • Sports pack: These cars are fast and armed to the teeth!

Trophies in the Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn game

You can get some valuable rewards when you can complete the trophies. They may be mission master, destroyer, shopaholic, money man, etc. Especially, they are owning 8 cars, completing 1 mission, destroying 1000 vehicles, owning all shop items, etc. Can you finish all trophies in this game? 

How to control

  • Press the arrow key or WASD to steer
  • Press the Z key to fire
  • Press the X key for special Steer in 'Aftertouch' mode to create extreme mayhem and rack up even more cash

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