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Worlds Builder

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About Worlds Builder

Have you ever thought about building a unique world? That sound impossible, but it is true in Worlds Builder. Instead of building huge supermarket chains in Food Empire Inc, you will develop a nation. Use the natural elements to make plants, soil, etc. 

Build your own world for yourself in Worlds Builder

In the fantastic strategy game Worlds Builder, the power of nature will allow you to sculpt the environment around you. Create your own fantastic world now! The only thing surrounding you at the start of the game will be water. Create mountains and volcanoes by adding little land to the terrain. Then, you may use many various aspects to create a picturesque setting by adding trees. Following that, you may begin creating a civilization and assist it in surviving the centuries up to the contemporary period. You may invite your pals and collaborate. So let's get playing now!

How to play Worlds Builder

Command nature's mighty powers to bring the world of your imagination to life! Create the earth and separate it from the sea. Build mountains and erupt volcanoes. Cover your territory with endless sands, lush woods, and bright fields. Create a powerful society and guide it through the space age. All of society, technology, and nature will submit to your will... Discover, trade, and reproduce!

Enjoy imaginative gameplay that combines city-building, a world simulator, and MMO strategic aspects! Playing on the computer requires an internet connection. If you love Worlds Builder, you also like the magical world in Wizard School

Things you should know in Worlds Builder

  • OPEN WORLD - Shape a perfect land using forces of nature
  • POTENT ALCHEMY - Perform elaborate reactions with elements
  •  EXPERIMENTS WITH LIFE - Discover the secrets of evolution and create various life forms
  • STRONG ECONOMY - Collect resources, craft items, and sell them for profits
  • PRACTICAL EDUCATION - Train skilled experts in highly demanded professions
  • TRAVEL TO THE BEYOND - Send off expeditions in search of mysterious treasures

How to control 

Left mouse button.

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