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Word Chef Master

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About Word Chef Master

Word and Cook? These could be two unrelated topics. However, by coming to the Word Chef Master game, you can experience these two themes in one puzzle game. This entertaining game is more fun than ever because it gives you tricky puzzles about cooking vocabulary. All the words in this puzzle game are related to COOK AND FOOD. Show off your vocabulary in this area now!

Game Genre

Unlike Smash Karts, Word Chef Master belongs to the puzzle genre. This genre does not need to use quick reflexes. Instead, you need to apply your knowledge to solve puzzles. This game is for enthusiasts of brain-hack games.


How To Win Word Chef Master

This word game has many different levels. Each level is a plate of sushi. It will also give you different letters. You need to arrange these letters in a different order to make meaningful words. You can complete a level if you find all the required words. For example, in Sushi 1, there are 3 letters: R, A, E. You need to form 4 words with different meanings.

After completing a level, you will receive the corresponding reward. The higher the level, the harder the challenge. As a result, the bigger the prize.

How To Control

Slide your mouse and connect letters together to create a meaningful word. Note that you only can match the letters that are next to your start letter. It is easy to control and all ages can play this arcade game. However, it's challenging to complete all levels. How many levels can you overcome? In addition, after playing this game, you also try Venge io to have more experience. Have a nice time!

Playing Notes

  • Note that these letters are arranged in a certain order. You can change its order using the Switch button on the left.
  • The game also gives you hints. However, each hint is worth 25 coins.

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