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Superhex io

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About Superhex io is a multiplayer IO game in which you use your snake to capture land. You must manoeuvre your hexagonal snake to a vacant zone and build a full ring to capture land. Build up your hexagonal foundation and get to the top of the leaderboard. However, do not touch your own line, since this will result in your death! To secure your region and halt attackers, think carefully and keep inside your bounds. Despite the game's seeming simplicity, you will find yourself returning to it again and again! You may play with your friends or strangers from across the world. With the same mechanics, you may love Kart Fight io.

How to play

Enemy hex snakes can take you out of the game by merely touching your line, so be careful when conquering other players' territories. Instead of attempting to establish large rings, consider seizing tiny areas of territory on a regular basis; the more you stray from your region, the more likely you are to be intercepted and destroyed! How big is your empire going to get? Will you be able to defeat the hex board?


Superhex is playable on the web browser. Therefore, you can play it on desktop and mobile ( with Android and iOS systems).

How to control

Your snake moves automatically. Control the direction of your snake with your mouse or with the arrow keys.

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