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Stickman Hook

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About Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is a tough skill game in which you control a swinging stickman over hundreds of stages. Over 30 tough levels await you in this colourful stickman game. Unlock new characters along the way to keep things interesting while swinging. To make it to the finish line, pay attention to the angle and direction of your swing. Although the game has simple graphics, it isn’t easy to pass levels. It requires many skills and you have to combine them at the same time. Can you keep your swing under control? 

How to swing in Stickman Hook

When playing this game, you will see many hooks on the wall. Your character can use them to swing like a spider man. Besides hooks, some springs can help your character jump higher. It's better to utilize all these support items. Your final target is to reach the finish line. Of course, the game isn't easy to pass all levels. With some mistakes, your character can fall into space. Then, the game will be over. If you want to experience a more exciting game, you should play Smash Karts. Drive a car and shoot opponents. 

Levels and Stickman Hook game's requirement

On the main menu, you may see 30 levels. This is not a small number. It's enough for you to show off your abilities. You can easily pass the first levels, but you shouldn't think this is an easy game. The higher levels will make you surprised. 

To pass all levels, control skill is very necessary. You have to control and swing quickly to avoid falling into space. One more thing, you also need to estimate well. Knowing the distance between the hook and your character is also important. Are you confident with your skills? If yes, you can challenge yourself with this game. If not, you can improve your skills when playing it. 

Your stickman can transform in Stickman Hook

In this game, your stickman can turn into a ball or be in a stickman appearance. He turns into a ball when he is in free fall. But he will return to his original form if he swings. Is it cool? Did you complete all 30 levels in this game? If yes, you can try Vex 5 which has an incredible adventure of the stickman. With cute characters and simple control, children also can play this game. However, playing online games for too long isn't good for your eyes. Hope you have a great time with this game!

Some simple tips for you to pass all levels

  • Don't get carried away by every hook you come across. It is not required to complete all of them to reach the finish line.
  • Even if you can't see yourself, you could still be swinging. You have a chance as long as you have a line to a hook!
  • The black bars aren't springs, so you can jump higher with them. 

How to control

Hold the space bar or the left mouse button to swing.

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