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About StarBlast


StarBlast is a fun multiplayer arcade shooter that takes place in space. In your own fully upgradeable spacecraft, mine asteroids and battle other players. To secure success, collaborate with your colleagues. 

Feature :

  • Fun gameplay with plenty of ship upgrades and rewards
  • Four exciting game modes and three factions
  • Active online games with intense spaceship battles
  • An active player-driven modding community

How to play

This game can be played either passively, avoiding other players and collecting gem rocks until you're powerful enough to defend against yourself, or aggressively attacking others as they wander about or farming, which is undoubtedly more fun in most people's view. In my personal experiences with the game, it appears that the larger ships typically have teammates that join them, either out of fear of being destroyed or simply individuals they know. Therefore it is strongly advised that you try to make a buddy in a game or bring one in with you! This game provides you two alternatives for each action: you may control your spacecraft using the arrow keys and shoot with the space bar, or you can use your mouse. When using your mouse, you navigate by holding down the right-click and dragging about while firing with the left click; I prefer this method since it gives you more precise control over your emotions.

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