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Squid Game: Hide and Seek

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About Squid Game: Hide and Seek

Squid Game: Hide and Seek is the most exciting survival game for everyone in which you must hide or apprehend fugitives. The Executioner must defeat at least two opponents to win the round; if not, all survivors will move more quickly, making it far more difficult to catch them. If you want to win, you must eliminate every participant in each of the three rounds. Another survival game with snake-like mechanics is also available for you to try. Little Big Snake will be more challenging than Squid Game: Hide And Seek. 

Select your roles in Squid Game: Hide And Seek

Before the start of the event, you will have the choice of choosing your game role. You could take on the look of one of three common objects if you chose the survivor role. On the map, choose a position where you won't stand out too much from the neighbourhood. Be sure to get to your hiding area before the timer runs out. Change the camera angle to see which room the driver is now in. Move if you believe you may soon be discovered. Many different fruits will be scattered over a vast underground complex, and you will receive several supplementary benefits by choosing them. 

Just before the game starts, as an executioner, you must thoroughly go through each chamber to remember where each object is. As a result, when you go back and stab the player who has acquired a different identity, you can easily spot the discrepancies. To improve your position, earn the silver, gold, diamond, or platinum level!

Tips for conquering Squid Game: Hide And Seek

  • When you are a survivor, you should find a suitable place that is far from the executioner to hide. 
  • When you are a finder, try to remember all room objects to discover the unnormal detail.

Easy controls

Use W, S, A, and D to move

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