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Sniper Trigger Revenge

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About Sniper Trigger Revenge

We have both good and bad news in Sniper Trigger Revenge. Let us begin with the good news. Congratulations, you're back in business! We've added some additional targets for you to take out. The bad news is that they are keeping captives who face death at any moment. Are you prepared to eliminate all of the targets and save the innocents?

Kill all enemies in silence in Sniper Trigger Revenge

There are bad folks around, but where are all the heroic men? You can resist the harshness of these terrible individuals now that your superiors have assigned you a mission. Be as quiet as a mouse and carefully select your location. To fire down all of your adversaries, you must have excellent hand-eye coordination. There are a total of 15 levels to finish. There are several targets to remove in each stage. 

What you need to finish the task in Sniper Trigger Revenge

All you need to play is a mouse. To shoot, press and release the left mouse button. There are instances when you need to demolish wooden crates to fire down your target. You may also fire at the stars to gather them, allowing you to complete each level with three stars. You'll earn coins at the end of each level that you may spend to unlock new weaponry. In the upper left corner of the screen, you may check your ammunition. Be sure not to hurt the hostages. If you want a more vibrant game, join Ninja io. Here, you will meet a lot of other players and fight them. Enjoy! 

How to control

You can use your mouse and play this game

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