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Shell Shockers

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About Shell Shockers

Welcome to the world of eggs! Sound strange, right? It is true in Shell Shockers. You will control an egg that is equipped with powerful weapons. Use these weapons to shoot the other players in this game. You won't feel lonely when you have to battle with other players. Besides Shell Shockers, we want to suggest another multiplayer game on our web. It is Smash Karts

Shoot other eggs with weapons in Shell Shockers

In Shell Shockers, you battle over various planets using snipers, pistols, Reggie, grenades, and other weapons to attain supreme supremacy. You're going to have to fight with eggs. In this game, you will play in the first person, so it may be very hard to definite your enemy's location. The time you reload bullets is when the enemy is most vulnerable to attack. So, at that time, you should find a safe place to reload ammo. The objects such as boxes, walls, etc are good fields. Remember to look around you because sometimes your enemies will appear behind you. Shell Shockers has eight different weapon types. Each weapon has its unique characteristics and should be utilised in a certain scenario. The following is a list of Shell Shockers' weapons: 

EggK-47 (use in Soldier)

Dozen Gauge (use in Scrambler)

RPEGG (use in Eggsploder)

CSG-1 (use in Free Ranger)

SMEGG (use in Whipper)

M2DZ (use in Crackshot)


Cluck 9mm (Secondary pistol - Always have)

Grenade (Always have) 

Find out some exciting modes in Shell Shockers

You control one egg in one of three online game modes: Teams, Free For All, and Teams. With guns and explosives, Captula the Spatula shatters your opponents. 

  • Teams: Join a team (red or blue) and utilize your skills to fight through opposing eggs, ensuring that your team gets the most kills.
  • Free For All: each egg will fight for survival on its own. Shooting an egg if you spot one in this mode is comparable to fighting games in that there is only one winner.
  • Captula the Spatula: Two red and blue teams compete for the spatula. The team with the spatula earns points for kills, but when a player is killed, the team loses points. 

What makes Shell Shockers attractive

  • Gameplay in a fast-paced first-person shooter that also makes players feel thrilled. 
  • Create a one-of-a-kind theme based on egg characters. You can't find any shooting game with egg characters. If you want to experience more unique shooting games. Laserz io is what you need. You will control a spaceship and fight in the galaxy. 
  • You may select from a range of weaponry and game settings. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, so use them accordingly.
  • Customizable eggs, as well as a store where you may purchase more items. Buy the necessary things for yourself!

How to control

  • To move about, use the WASD or Arrow keys. To leap, press the spacebar.
  • Shoot your foes with LMB and aim with LShift.
  • Toss a grenade with Q.

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