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SchoolBrake io

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About SchoolBrake io is an amazing online multiplayer game. Play as a student causing mayhem at school, or as a teacher seeking to bring order to the errant kids. It's a unique approach to social games like Among Us.  

Some exciting features in

  • Cause chaos in a school that’s lost control of its pupils!
  • Play as the teacher and stop students from creating 100% chaos
  • Build the perfect playground of destruction in the map editor
  • More features coming soon, like FFA and laser tag modes. Besides this game, our web also has many games has interesting features such as Vex 5

How to play

  • Students

Make a ruckus and avoid being caught! You may wreak havoc by picking up items like paint buckets and fire extinguishers. Toss things about and generally cause mayhem. You will be condemned to detention if you are detected.

  • Teachers

Observe the offending kids and accurately identify their names so that they may be sentenced to detention and the degree of pandemonium is reduced. The students won when the pandemonium level reaches 100. If you misidentify the unruly children, you'll end up in an enraged meeting with the parents!

  • Editor of Maps has a robust map editor. You may use it to create the ideal mayhem playground and share it with other gamers!

How to control

You can use the mouse and keyboard to play this game.

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