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Sausage Run

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About Sausage Run

Sausage Run is a fascinating game for singleplayer to enjoy the running game. Your mission is to reach the finish line by avoiding deadly obstacles.

Tackle problems in Sausage Run

You are responsible for the control your sausage character to overcome all obstacles and move to the destination. However, your objective will not be easy because various challenges and dangers are coming your way. You can face hot ovens, deadly hammers, and guillotines, and even you also can die if you run under activating water taps. Keep your character's head down when the traps are coming. Try to go to the finish line safely! If the obstacles aren't too difficult, let's try Vex 5

Sausage Run game modes

There are 3 game modes in this game: Level, Race, and Survival. In the level mode, you have to complete levels by reaching the destination safely while you need to reach the destination first in the race mode because you have to compete with other sausages. Finally, in the survival mode, you will participate in infinite races. Try to run as far as possible and get the highest score!

Features of Sausage Run

  • The exciting and attractive running game
  • 3 game modes
  • Various challenges and dangers

How to control: Click your mouse to keep your head down.

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