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Raid Heroes: Total War

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About Raid Heroes: Total War

With Raid Heroes: Total War, you may build arenas in your kingdom to recruit troops and train them to become fighters. Fight goblins, collect money, and level up your warriors in preparation for the next onslaught! Build more castles to boost your revenue! Are you prepared to protect your lands?

Unleash your vengeance on your kingdom's foes and assemble an army of legends! Collect and develop character cards to defend your boundaries against goblins and other internet players! By following the instructional instructions, you may stop waiting and start earning right now. Place your heroes in the most strategic locations on your side of the arena and wait for the two sides of the fight to arrive. Examine your heroes' movements, speeds, and attacks, and use your knowledge in the next conflicts. To strengthen your heroes 10 times quicker, view brief advertisements after each level to multiply your riches by ten. You may store gold between matches and use it to construct castles that earn you money passively. Pay periodic trips to these castles to collect taxes and hasten your heroes' schooling. Follow the king's instructions and enter the online arena to discover how you stack up against the competition!


  • Cute Chibi heroes
  • Unlockable improvements
  • Lots of heroes waiting to be discovered!
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes
  • Daily gifts and quests

How to play

  • To attack a squad of opponents in the raid, click on it or on the FIGHT button. 

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