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Race Time

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About Race Time


Race Time is a must-try for everyone who like slot cars, circuit racing games, or arcade racing track games. This addictive one-touch game combines old school nostalgia with multiplayer racing and simple controls.

See how far you can get in the daily VS racing competition!

To challenge any racer in the leaderboard to a one-on-one race, tap on their name. Alternatively, compete against friends in multiplayer lap racing by adding them to your friends leaderboard.

It's crucial to select the most valuable lanes in this exciting arcade racing game — modify your pace to drift into a more advantageous lane. Don't just release on the bends, either. The pace of tapping increases.

Do you want to improve your racer skills by mastering a difficult racing track? Top racers are experts of the circuit race style and have excellent low-time patterns. Study great racers' methods and learn to master the game by watching replays of their races. Then race them and see if you can repeat it.

You'll be hooked with only one touch of this racing game. With daily multiplayer racing tournaments and unlocked racers, it's entertaining to play, quick to understand, and will have you coming back for more.

How to play

Blast out from the starting line with the mouse or keyboard, navigating through unbelievably fast straights and treacherous twists in an attempt to beat not just the clock, but also everyone else! Are you able to demonstrate that you are the best?

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