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Powerslide Kart Simulator

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About Powerslide Kart Simulator

Are you a brave person? Can you make cool drifts or stunts in Powerslide Kart Simulator? There are many obstacles and slopes for you to jump. Each time you jump, you will get specific points. You can play the game. Besides, you also can drive the vehicles as you like because this game has no required mission. If you prefer a complete mission, you can enjoy Laserz io. In this game, you must shoot up enemies before they attack you. The game was released in Powerslide Kart Simulator. Until now, this game is also the favourite game of many players in the world.

How to play Powerslide Kart Simulator

Take part in an adrenaline-pumping journey that includes incredible stunts. You may choose between three distinct karts, each with its own set of mechanics, and three different maps, each with its own set of insane circuits. Have some fun, hit the throttle, and pull off the most spectacular feats in Powerslide Kart Simulator. The special thing about this game is you can drive freestyle. Do anything you like in a simulation world. The game can help you reduce your stress well.

Feature in the Powerslide Kart Simulator game 

  • There are 3 fun maps for you to select. The background of each map is different with various terrains.
  • You can choose one of three vehicles to drive. They are kart, three wheelies and bike. Select your favourite kind of vehicle, then have a great time 
  • Cool graphics with many vivid details
  • You can use smartphones or desktops to play this game.

How to control

  • WASD or arrow keys to control the kart
  • Left shift to boost
  • Space to drift or jump.

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