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Pocket League 3D

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About Pocket League 3D

Enter the stadium in Pocket League 3D and get ready to show off your football talents. With its attractive visuals and two-player game mode, this game elevates the football experience to a whole new level. Are you willing to push both your friends and yourself? This game is for people who love driving games and sports games. It is a great combination of driving a car and playing sports. In this game, you have to control your car and shoot the ball.

The principles in Pocket League 3D

The lights are turned on, and the spectators are eager for the game to begin. Drive to the stadium in your automobile. Yes, you read that correctly. This match will be much different from the others since you will be controlling a vehicle rather than a player. Your goal is to outscore your opponent before the timer runs out. You may play this game against the computer or a friend. Choose a country's flag as well as an automobile. Wait for the game to begin and the ball to fall from the sky. When the game starts, transfer the ball to the goal and attempt to prevent your opponent from getting it. At the top of the screen, you can see the timer and your scores. You may earn additional points by jumping and flipping in the air. Have a good time! You also can have a relaxing time with Immerse yourself in the beautiful Aqua Park!

Feature in Pocket League 3D

  • This game has fun and addictive gameplay
  • Nice 3D graphics bring an exciting feeling to players.
  • You can have fun with your friend in the 2-player game option.
  • Lots of cars for you to choose from

How to control

Player 1: 

Control your car: Arrow keys

Jump: Space bar

Flip: Double click to flip

Player 2:

Control your car : W,A,S,D

Jump: L

Flip: Double L.

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