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Pet Idle

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About Pet Idle

Your tasks in Pet Idle

You may play a role as a pet owner for a variety of fictitious creatures in the game Pet Idle. You will be responsible for meeting your pet's varied requirements, which may include providing them with food, water, a place to sleep and play, as well as a bath, walks, and other activities. Construct, enlarge, and embellish your home so that you can accommodate an increasing number of animals. Because they are all individuals with unique personalities, their interactions with one another will be impacted by their shared living situations. Come and make the environment that your dogs live in even more comfortable for them, and show everyone what a wonderful caretaker you are!

Build a comfortable dwelling for your pets in Pet Idle

Construct a larger dwelling and enlarge it so that it can accommodate additional animals. Take care of your garden by watering the various plants and gathering the fruits when they are ready. Find and collect a variety of uncommon insects, and reel in various fish species. Many come equipped with household items such as dishes, beds, baths, and toys. You may make the interior of your home more lovely and distinctive by decorating it.

Come and discover a game where you can take care of various virtual pets! Build your house to be a cozy home for many pets! Furthermore, you also build a supermarket in Food Empire Inc

Take care of animals in Pet Idle

  • Pets' needs system (hunger, thirst, sleep, hygiene, walking and fun).
  • 19 different pet types, dogs and cats of many different breeds.
  • Each Pet has a unique personality that affects gameplay.
  • Edit the colour of each Pet.
  • Teach excellent skills: Sit, jump, run, roll and more.
  • Use robots and drones to help you care for your pets.

How to control

  • Mouse: Click (left button) and camera navigation (right button).
  • Keyboard: W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys for camera navigation ''P'' to select all pets and ''Esc'' to back or close.

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