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Paper io 2

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About Paper io 2

If you are a big fan of the io games, you can't ignore Paper io 2. Draw to create your territory. This game seems like iScribble.IO. However, your area will change colour each time you finish your draw line. Moreover, the other players also can dominate your territory by drawing on your colour area. Of course, you can expand your area like them. 

The principles in Paper io 2

You must strive to occupy as much land as possible in this Paper io 2 game by moving your character and forming full rings. The entire ring will be your domain, and you will dominate the most significant region to demonstrate your dominion. Keep an eye out for other players vying for your area. The opponent can attack and destroy you if your draw line doesn't finish a full ring. So be careful when you draw a big ring. 

All participants in the game will be outfitted with distinct coloured streaks. Transfer your colour streaks over the territory using the mouse to construct your coloured regions.

Your streaks will be visible when you go to another vacant region. Keep an eye on your opponents since they can break your colour streak and take over your region. To reclaim your area and take over another Paper io player's region, you will have to continually combat them.

Skins in Paper io 2

As you know, you can select characters in Aquapark io. You also can do it in Paper io 2. There are more than 40 skins in this game. You have to complete some missions to unlock them. For example, you must stay 20 seconds outside your area to open Green Globin skin. Besides, there are many unique skins such as a unicorn, spiderman, Minion, etc. 

Game control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control movement or move the mouse.

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