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Mageclash io

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About Mageclash io is a multiplayer fantasy game in which you fight monsters and other players to become the server's most powerful player. 

Your main task in

Battle big creatures, customize your character with hundreds of spells, weapons, and gear, and become the strongest warrior in the world! is a unique customization system that allows you to mix and match spells, weapons, armour, and stat allocations to construct your ideal character. Do you think this game is too complicated for you? Let's play Stickman Hook which has simple graphics and easy game.

Get acquainted with the features in

  • Spell: Choose from hundreds of spells spanning six different mana types: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, and Dark. You can equip up to four spells at once to create the character you choose.
  • Weapon: To have strong melee capabilities, choose among swords, daggers, axes, and more. Special effects, like knockback or slowness, can be added to weapons. 
  • Armour: Choose between armour styles that improve your stats in diverse ways, such as knight, rogue, or mage! You may mix and match the head, body, and handpieces to create your look. 
  • Rartities: All of these goods are available in the following qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. As you gain strength, you'll be able to locate better things to improve.
  • Map: Explore many different biomes such as the island, forest, beach, dungeon, lava, and ice zones. Each zone has unique places to explore and enemies to battle!

How to control

WASD or arrow keys = move

1-4 = change spells

Shift = sprint

Mouse = aim

F = pick-up

Left-click = shoot

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